After-sale service

After-sales service commitment

①Technical consultation: answer product performance, system configuration, wiring, installation and related technical questions for customers;

② Commissioning: After the relevant units have installed the products, we will send professional technicians to the site to commission and commission the system; except customers who require their own installation;

③Technical training: After the commissioning of the technicians is completed, training services are provided for the system operation and maintenance personnel, except for those who are not required by the customer;

④ Feedback information: accept customer complaints (product quality and service attitude), collect various problems in the operation of the equipment, analyze and summarize, and actively take corresponding measures and improvement methods;

⑤ Warranty period: From the equipment installation date, a 12-month product warranty period is provided, and on-site repair services are provided free of charge (except consumables);

⑥ Response time: If the equipment fails, our company will try to solve it immediately after receiving the user's call. If the problem cannot be resolved over the phone, we will send a service technician to the scene within 24 hours to solve the problem in a timely manner.

⑦Warranty period: If our company's products have quality problems, we will provide free services (except consumables and human factors);

⑧Out of the warranty period: All products produced by our company can get our company's lifetime maintenance service.


After-sales service phone: 400-617-8068

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After Sales Department

December 1, 2020