Customer groups

Customers for sale of ultrapure water devices:


Users who require pure water and ultrapure water can be regarded as potential customers of the company, and can be divided into the next three categories of target customers through market segmentation.

First, the laboratory customer base (standard machine customers)

The total number of large and small laboratories / laboratories across the country, in all walks of life, and in all industries is about 1 million.

(1) Laboratories of scientific research institutions: Among them, there is a large demand for water in scientific research industries such as geology, medicine, chemicals, food, biology, and materials.

(2) Laboratory of school system: There is a large demand for water in chemistry, biology, medicine, materials and other majors.

(3) There is a lot of demand in major hospitals (with biochemical instruments).

(4) Laboratories of administrative inspection agencies in various regions

Center for Disease Control and Prevention: The physical and chemical room and the microorganism room have large water consumption.

Quality Supervision and Inspection Bureau of the Technical Supervision Bureau: The food room and chemical room have large water consumption.

Drug Inspection Institute of the China Food and Drug Administration: Water demand is high in spring and summer.

Environmental Monitoring Bureau Environmental Monitoring Station: Ultra-pure water is used all year round.

Animal Husbandry Bureau Animal Husbandry Product Testing Station: Ultra-pure water is used all year round.

Water Quality Monitoring Center of Hydrological Bureau: Water demand is large in spring and summer.

Inspection Center of Commodity Inspection Bureau: The water inspection department has a large demand for water.

Soil and Fertilizer Testing Center: Ultra-pure water is used all year round.

Agricultural Product Testing Center: Ultra-pure water is used all year round.

Grain product testing station of the Grain Bureau: Ultra-pure water is used all year round.

Forest Products Testing Center of Forestry Bureau: Low water consumption.

Forensic Identification Center of Public Security Bureau: Ultra-pure water is used all year round.

Water quality monitoring center of water company: The water quality requirements are high.

Termite Detection Center.

(5) The laboratory of the enterprise section:

Laboratory of Quality Inspection Department: Low cost pure water machine that requires high cost performance.

Labs in R & D: Water requirements are usually higher than in QA.

Units used in the electroplating industry.


Hospital customer base


The total data of large, medium, and small medical institutions across the country is estimated to be more than 100,000. The laboratory, preparation room, hemodialysis room, and operating room all require pure water (ultra pure water). Most hospitals still use the traditional Distilled water devices (towers), only a few large and medium-sized hospitals have purchased pure water machines, and district-level hospitals are still a blank area in the market. Generally, the hospitals above Grade A can accept products of about 20,000 yuan, and the township hospitals are suitable for products of less than 10,000 yuan.

Note: The pure water machine for hemodialysis/renal dialysis requires a medical device product production license.


Third, the corporate customer base (engineering customers)


In the pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics, power, food, and beverage industries, most of the production workshops / pilot workshops use pure or ultra-pure water, and most of them are engineering machines with a capacity of 250 liters / hour or more.

According to estimates by industry insiders who sell distilled water machines, the total number of distilled water machines in use in laboratories and hospitals across the country is more than 1 million units. If all of them are replaced with pure water machines, the total market will be more than 10 billion yuan. The demand should be more than 1 billion yuan. With the development of the times, the distilled water machine will certainly withdraw from the leading role in the market, giving way to high-tech ultra-pure water machines.