Hemodialysis machine

Hemodialysis and related treatment water solutions YY2ROUV-1000L Technical performance characteristics 1. Stable performance of equipment ) 1) The system's dual-stage reverse osmosis module uses a

Hemodialysis and related treatment water solutions
Superior technology
Technical performance characteristics
1. Stable performance of equipment
) 1) The system's dual-stage reverse osmosis module uses a straight string mode, fully automatic continuous coordination, and dynamic linkage of water production to avoid damage to the host pump due to high pressure cracking or low pressure without water;
2) The system adopts a two-stage guarantee design of reverse osmosis membrane group: that is, two levels of operation under normal circumstances;
In case of failure of one level, the other level can still work normally to ensure real-time water supply demand;
3) The pure water delivery pipe network is equipped with a pressure monitor and a constant pressure controller. Through the detected pressure, the system automatically adjusts the water production to ensure that the water pressure at each water point is constant.
2.One-button automatic disinfection
The chemical disinfection: one-button full-automatic disinfection function, which can comprehensively disinfect the pipe network and the host, the process is safe and convenient, there is no danger of disinfectant residue, and the overall microorganism control of the system is kept at a low level.
The system accurately calculates the amount of disinfectant according to the requirements, and automatically performs the disinfectant solution dispensing. After the solution is completed, the system automatically timing the "soak" and repeated "washing" of the disinfectant (time adjustable). After the disinfection is completed, the equipment automatically performs Water quality testing.
(One-click disinfection diagram)
Thermal disinfection (optional): This device heats reverse osmosis pure water and enters a large cycle composed of water-making equipment, water supply pipelines and hemodialysis machines. The system automatically heats the cycle, which can efficiently and safely kill and inhibit bacteria. And endotoxin breeding. It is the most environmentally friendly disinfection device.
1) Independently running disinfection system, which can be connected with all pure water equipment, one-click disinfection, easy operation;
2) The dual-channel temperature control of water supply and return water can ensure that the temperature of any point in the large cycle reaches above 85 ° C, without retaining any dead ends;
3) The temperature and time of heat disinfection are displayed online, and the temperature and time of disinfection can be set arbitrarily;
4) The imported temperature control device is used, and the temperature control error does not exceed 0.5 ° C to ensure the thermal disinfection effect;
5) The device adopts a box structure, which has good integrity, small footprint and beautiful appearance.
3. Safety performance of equipment
1) The equipment is equipped with electrical over-current alarm and protection devices; at the same time, dual-channel power is used, and the control part uses low-voltage power distribution to improve the safety of operators and the stability of equipment operation;
2) The equipment has passed the electromagnetic compatibility test (EMC test) for medical devices mandated by the state, meets the requirements of GB / T18268.1-2010, and has an electromagnetic compatibility test report issued by the Medical Device Testing Center to ensure that the equipment is safer and more stable. Operation
3) The device has a reminder function for disinfection residue test to avoid injury caused by residual disinfectant entering the human body.
4. Control of microorganisms
1) When the equipment is not in use, the night mode can be turned on, that is, the reverse osmosis membrane and the conveying pipeline are regularly flushed to avoid the "stagnant water" situation due to the equipment being idle;
2) Adopting direct supply and closed large circulation process flow, without intermediate water tank, the system automatically and constant pressure controls the water production according to demand, while eliminating the possibility of dead space and secondary pollution;
3) The equipment adopts flange end membrane shell, the body is fully automatic welding stainless steel pipes, internal and external polishing, serpentine pipe circulation, smooth inside without dead space, and the pipe will not produce "dead corners" to ensure that pure water quality does not occur Variety.
5. Intelligent control system
1) The system adopts two operation modes: touch screen and buttons. The operation mode is simple, the human-machine interface is clear, and the whole process is automated. It can be operated without supervision at all times. The system is loaded with Akailong ultrapure water equipment control program (AKL-water) V1.0. , Can perform remote control (remote control function is optional);
2) The equipment automatically generates water, and each section has real-time online monitoring of pressure, flow and water quality;
3) The system has the functions of low pressure, insufficient water supply, current operation records, historical operation records, and usage status records of major components of the equipment;
4) With strong fault diagnosis ability, it can automatically stop pump protection according to the deviation of parameters such as motor current and voltage;
5) The main parameters of the equipment can be personalized according to the needs, so that the product runs at its best.