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Pure water machine

Hospital supply room cleaning water machine Model CMPL-RO-120L / 150L / 200L / 250L / H High-end true-color human-machine interface control system to fully meet your requirements for pure water use &

Hospital supply room cleaning water machine
Model CMPL-RO-120L / 150L / 200L / 250L / H
Superior technology
High-end true-color human-machine interface control system to fully meet your requirements for pure water use
"Superior" touch screen water purifier, which can directly purify city tap water, groundwater, surface water, and third-grade water for civilian use. True-color touch screen display, which can set timing, quantitative, and qualitative water intake, historical data query, optional USP interface and micro printer, print all the data for one year, the life of consumables can reach 1-2 years when the source water is less than 150PPM, the product is designed to be fully automatic control, no need to manually clean the filter.
Process introduction: This process is divided into source water purification system, reverse osmosis system, rear ultraviolet sterilization system, pH adjustment system, etc.
Pre-treatment part: split-flow backwashing pre-precision scale inhibitor
 Filter out particulate impurities in water, which is the nemesis of "red water", "black water", "yellow water", "scale" and other issues;
食品  Food grade double phosphate (optional), effectively prevent scale, and repair rusted metal pipes and remove scale in water containers;
Silver-loaded stainless steel high-density, high-precision, high-strength filter membrane can be used permanently without replacement, saving consumable costs;
 The back flushing is simple and easy, without any tools, the microcomputer control system automatically opens the bottom valve, and the trapped impurities are washed out without affecting the system operation;
 Easy to operate and maintain. When impurities accumulate to a certain amount, the pressure of the device changes and the pressure indicator (red pressure ball) is pushed out to remind you to clean.
YY-PPF fiber filter: PP (polypropylene) filter has a filtration accuracy of 5 μm. Can effectively filter the sediment in the source. Particulate impurities such as rust and algae.
YYYY-KDF composite filter: Built-in high-purity copper-zinc alloy + coconut shell activated carbon, fluoride ion filter material in addition to water.
A: 1. Mainly remove more than 95% of residual chlorine in water (residual chlorine disinfected by tapping chlorine and hypochlorous acid products, etc.)
2. More than 90% of heavy metal ions such as lead, mercury, copper, nickel, cadmium in the water
3. Remove harmful substances such as hexavalent chromium and arsenic in water
4.Inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi
5. Have a certain scale inhibition effect
6. Remove fluoride and heavy metal ions in water.
B: Coconut shell activated carbon filter material. This product uses imported coconut shell as raw material and is refined by physical method. It has the characteristics of good abrasion resistance, high adsorption performance, long service life, etc. It has excellent performance for the manufacture of pure water and high-purity water, and is an ideal material for thermoelectric, beer, beverage and high-purity water equipment.
YY-softening functional filter element; Blower resin imported from the UK mainly reduces water hardness. Blower resin has a large exchange volume in water, which is 50% longer than domestic 001 * 7 cationic resin, which can extend the life of reverse osmosis and improve Desalination rate of RO water.
Reverse osmosis purification system
RO (reverseosmosis) reverse osmosis technology is a membrane separation and filtration technology using pressure difference as the driving force. Originated from aerospace science and technology research in the United States in the 1960s. The RO reverse osmosis membrane has a pore size as small as nanometers (1 nanometer = 10-9 meters). Under a certain pressure, H20 molecules can pass through the RO membrane, while impurities such as inorganic salt ions, organic matter, colloids, bacteria, and heat sources in the source water cannot. Through the RO membrane, the pure water that is permeable and concentrated water that is impermeable are strictly separated;
膜 RO membrane can remove 99% of high-valent ions, colloidal bacteria and organic matter (including heat source) with molecular weight greater than 300Dalton, and 90-95% of low-priced ions (NA, K0). When the source water conductivity is<350μs / cm. The conductivity of RO pure water is usually <= 5μs / cm. It meets the national standard for three-level water use in the real room. The reverse osmosis method is the most economical method to achieve 90-95% impurity removal rate. The process is through two-stage reverse osmosis Treatment (the first reverse osmosis desalination rate can reach 2-10 μs / cm, the second reverse osmosis desalination rate can reach 1 μs / cm). It is also the best pretreatment method for ultrapure water systems.
Post-treatment UV sterilization system
A germicidal lamp is actually a low-pressure mercury lamp. The low-pressure mercury lamp emits ultraviolet light by being stimulated with a lower mercury vapor pressure (<10-2Pa). There are two main spectral lines: one is the 253.7nm wavelength; the other is the 185nm wavelength, both of which are naked eyes. Invisible UV.
Ultraviolet germicidal lamps are generally used to sterilize air, object surfaces, and water. The 254nm wavelength can effectively kill bacteria and viruses. Predecessors have already carried out a lot of research. It is not a fact that needs to be doubted. Ultraviolet sterilization is characterized by broad-spectrum properties. Some viruses that are difficult to destroy at high temperatures can be quickly eliminated by ultraviolet rays. This is because the sterilization mechanism of ultraviolet rays is different from other methods.
Ultraviolet disinfection is widely used in hospitals, schools, nurseries, movie theaters, buses, offices, homes, etc. It can purify the air and eliminate moldy odors. It can also generate a certain amount of negative oxygen ions outside the room. The air is particularly fresh. In public places, disinfection by UV can prevent some germs from spreading through the air or the surface of objects. The application of long-life UV germicidal lamps in water disinfection and environmental protection projects is of great significance. Water disinfection equipment, such as pure water systems, generally operate for 24 hours. UV sterilization has unparalleled advantages in water disinfection: UV intensity can be measured, It can be monitored, online control can be achieved, and the disinfection effect can be understood in time, without any side effects. It has an inestimable prospect in the field of water disinfection.
Luxury series is a high-end water-making equipment based on ARM7 series single-chip microcomputer and touch screen as human-machine interface, and displays the water-making process graphically during the water-making process.
Automatic soft water purification device,
Wuyuan water low pressure automatic protection and pure water high pressure automatic protection;
Working power supply 220V / 50Hz, voltage fluctuation rate ± 10%;
Working conditions: Water temperature 5-40 ℃; (Northern areas need antifreeze rooms)
ARM7 single chip microcomputer automatic control, touch screen exchange operation;
Flow monitoring filter replacement cycle, Chinese prompts the user to replace the filter in time;
RO reverse osmosis column / UF ultrafiltration column / UP ultra purification column automatic washing cycle setting (interval time 1-99 hours, washing time 1-99 seconds);
 RO pure water over-standard discharge function setting (2-99 μs / cm, RO pure water greater than the set value will be discharged without entering the pure water tank);
循环 Circulation setting of UP ultrapure water system (1 ~ 180 seconds, it can keep the produced UP ultrapure water at the best stable water quality 18.25 (MΩ.cm);
1) Water setting for qualitative (1 ~ 99 liters)
2) Clock setting (year / month / day / hour / minute)
3) Language setting (Chinese / English)
4) Historical data query function——
取 ⑴ Previous water withdrawal time (year / month / day / hour / minute)
取 ⑵ Previous water intake volume (liter)
⑶ ⑶ Water quality (RO conductivity (μs / cm))
⑷ ⑷ Cumulative total water withdrawal (liters)
⑸ Previous records of consumable alarm updates
System automatic control protection function——
停机 ⑴Automatic shutdown protection for water shortage / low water pressure system (Chinese display "System water shortage protection")
⑵ ⑵The water tank is full of water, and the system automatically shuts down for protection (the water level and percentage of the water tank are displayed graphically)
Water leak alarm
Code setting and password control
More convenient operation
Touch button to take RO pure water, RO pure water conductivity online detection (≤10μs / cm), / water temperature online display (℃)
More convenient information acquisition
Observation --- The color list of the man-machine interface can display all key information, including water quality, system status and warnings. You can also print water quality status information.
Control--The host of the ultrapure water device displays detailed information on system operation and performance, and the graphical interface can assist users to complete various special operations including daily maintenance operations and troubleshooting procedures.
Protection of key information --- Set ID code and password to ensure that only specific users have access to key information fields, such as the setting of water quality alarm points.
More reliable water quality
Ultra-pure water manufacturing system allows you to rest assured to use high-quality ultra-pure water. The source water is ≤300ppm. The primary "purification device" has the ability to remove: particulate matter, iron, manganese, residual chlorine, calcium, magnesium ions, fluoride ions and heavy metals. Ions and adsorbed organic matter, odor, etc.), after the "imported reverse osmosis device" desalination rate can be ≥99%,
Comprehensive monitoring of water quality
Sensitive ion level detection-resistivity detector (accuracy ± 0.01MΩ.cm)
The superior company uses a new type of resistivity tester and a unique sleeve design to increase the effective electrode surface area and reduce the electrode spacing. The electrode constant can reach 0.01CM-1, the temperature sensitivity is 0.1 ℃, and the conductivity is measured online (≤5μs / cm), pure water online monitoring. The conductivity meter can ensure that the resistivity is accurately described by domestic standards, and it is displayed in two modes: compensation and non-temperature compensation.