Super pure water machine maintenance knowledge.

2020-05-08 19:01:46 admin
Method / step 1
In the summer when ultra pure water machine is used, this is the season when ultra pure water machine is easy to break down. How to maintain it. In fact, the most important components of ultra pure water machine are: precision filter element, activated carbon filter element, reverse osmosis membrane, purification column, which have relative life.
Therefore, in summer, we should maintain and maintain the components mentioned above. The precision filter element feels that there are many impurities. After the sludge on the surface can be washed off with tap water, the precision filter element can still be barely used for a long time. However, the service life of the precision filter element is generally 3 months. The specific service life is related to the particle content of the raw water, so it can be used according to the requirements It depends.
Method / step 2
The activated carbon filter element mainly removes the peculiar smell and organic matters in water through adsorption. There is residual chlorine in tap water, which has a great oxidation effect on reverse osmosis membrane and will greatly shorten the service life of reverse osmosis membrane, so it must be removed by using active carbon first. Generally, the activated carbon filter element will reach saturation adsorption after being used for about one year, which depends on the use situation.
Reverse osmosis membrane reverse osmosis membrane is a very important part of ultra pure water machine, its pore diameter is very small, and the service life of general reverse osmosis membrane is in 2-3 years, mainly determined by the water consumption, so it is necessary to select the matching specifications when selecting.
The purification column is sometimes called super purification column according to the water quality requirements of customers. The self-function is to conduct deep desalination of RO pure water, and finally reach the level of primary water or ultra pure water. The life of the purification column is represented by the resistivity on-line. In addition to the water consumption resistance, the filling amount of the ion exchange resin and the quality of the ion exchange resin itself are also affected.