Features of hemodialysis ultrapure water machine

2020-05-08 19:05:09 admin
· Automatic microcomputer control system, multi-level menu operation
· Online 2-way water quality monitoring, real-time monitoring of RO and ultrapure water quality
· Fully automatic RO membrane anti-fouling program to extend the life of RO membrane
· Waterless alarm, water full alarm, source water, RO water, ultrapure water (parameters can be set arbitrarily) alarm exceeding the standard, alarm for end of life of consumables, automatic fault detection, providing safety
· Ultra-pure water circulation system that can be freely started and closed to keep the system's low level of bacterial pollution
· Special factory and customer secondary passwords, system settings are protected by passwords to prevent unauthorized changes
· Quality water extraction function when set (timing: 1-99min; quality: 0.1-18.2MΩ-cm)
· Various specifications of storage buckets are available to meet different needs
· Chassis ergonomic design, compound GLP specification
· All pipelines are NSF certified, new quick-plug connector, filter column replacement and maintenance are more convenient
Original imported nuclear-grade resin, full droop flow ultra-purification column design, guarantee top water quality at all times
· Dual-wavelength (185nm & 254nm) imported UV lamp, effectively sterilize, reduce TOC, enhance the scope of the system
· Originally imported 0.2µm imported PES polyethersulfone composite membrane terminal sterilization filter to ensure absolute water quality