Precautions during operation of ultra pure water machine.

2020-05-08 19:02:58 admin
  Ultra pure water machine, using pretreatment, reverse osmosis technology, ultra purification and post-treatment methods, almost completely remove the conductive medium in the water, and remove the non dissociated colloidal substances, gases and organic substances in the water to a very low degree of water treatment equipment. Ultra pure water machine is also called: ultra pure water device, ultra pure water equipment, ultra pure water instrument, ultra pure water system, laboratory ultra pure water device, etc. The resistance of ultrapure water produced by ultrapure water machine should be greater than 10 megohm, and the water above 10 megohm is called ultrapure water. Generally, the output of ultra pure water can reach 18.25 megaohm.
Precautions in the use of ultra pure water machine
Proper maintenance of filter element
The ultra pure water machine needs to clean or replace the internal filter element regularly. No matter what kind of data is used, the filter element will absorb many impurities after a period of operation, and it will simply become a hotbed for bacterial reproduction. In the application cycle of ultra pure water machine filter element, the standard of regular replacement should be strictly implemented to standardize the later maintenance service of filter element. In terms of product planning, if the replacement cycle of each part is different, consult the manufacturer in detail. The filter element shall be replaced regularly, cleaned and maintained to ensure that the water quality of ultra pure water machine is qualified.
Avoid direct sunlight
Avoid direct sunlight during application. It is necessary to properly maintain the ultrapure water meter. If it must be placed on the balcony or where there may be direct sunlight, it is suggested to build a sunshade cover or baffle near the ultrapure water meter.
Avoid working near high temperature or in high temperature environment
The high temperature around the ultrapure water machine will affect the service life of the components. The temperature is too high, and the microorganism in the water grows faster, which is not conducive to the use of ultra pure water machine and ultra pure water storage. The normal operation temperature of RO membrane of ultra pure water instrument is below 45 ℃, which is too high, which affects the normal operation of RO membrane.
Accurate cleaning of ultra pure water machine
The regular cleaning of ultra pure water machine can not effectively improve the operation cycle and function of ultra pure water machine.