Product classification of water purifier

2020-05-08 19:06:32 admin
1、 It can be divided into:
1. Domestic pure water machine (domestic pure water machine).
2. The laboratory uses pure water machine (also called super pure water machine)
3. Industrial pure water machine.
4. Large scale industrial pure water machine.
2、 It can be divided into:
1. Manual type, also known as economic type. Economic pure water machine uses manual back flushing valve.
2. Automatic type, automatic type is full computer automatic washing pure water machine, through the computer control board to achieve washing
3. Self cleaning type, also known as self-cleaning type, self-cleaning type is self-cleaning, which is the reverse osmosis series of self-cleaning water purifier. Its advantage is that it does not need economic manual operation and automatic electrical components. It is not only simple in structure, but also can achieve self-cleaning of the whole machine.
3、 According to the combination of the main machine and the water storage bucket, it can also be divided into the split type and the integrated type. The split type covers a large area, and the water storage bucket is separated from the body; the integrated pure water machine's main machine and the water storage bucket are together, with small area and beautiful appearance.
Ion exchange of water purifier is a special solid adsorption process, which is carried out in the electrolyte solution of ion exchanger. General ion-exchange agent is a kind of solid granular substance that is insoluble in water, namely ion-exchange resin. It can absorb a certain cation or anion from the electrolyte solution, and exchange another ion with the same charge sign out of itself and release it into the solution, which is called ion exchange. According to the types of ions exchanged, ion exchanger can be divided into two categories: cation exchanger and anion exchanger.